The Massage by Ki team, lead by Ki Bournes, offers innovative body centred, somatic sexology classes, sessions and coaching. We’ll help you get the skills, confidence and healing you need for enhanced intimacy, sexual pleasure, empowerment and well being.
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“The part of our humanity that is most wounded and separate from ourselves is our sexuality and our ability to savour pleasure.” – Ki Bournes

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The Art of Sensual Bodywork Series


Touch with Presence

Do you feel called to a life of deep felt sensuality?

Sensual bodywork is the art of creating pleasure and intimacy – evoking the music of body sensation – through touch.

Join professional pleasure providers Ki Bournes and Aurora May, to learn to playfully create profoundly human experiences of redemption, solace, courage, adventure and, yes, smokin’ hot sexy release.

You’ll expand your personal capacity for embodied sensual pleasure through breathwork, movement, massage and mindfulness.

You’ll learn to speak and honour boundaries, because sensual touch is fiery. The right amount of heat is transformational – too much and someone gets burned.

You’ll learn to instill Loving Presence in your touch so that it becomes a force of healing and nourishment – an antidote to the pain and dysfunction pervading human sexuality.

Past participants of this training have found it to be a major leap in their journey of embodied self-discovery, sensual delight and service.

You’ll learn through a diversity of methods: masterful live demonstrations, hands-on practice with other students, selected readings, facilitated discussions and creative writing exercises.

The Art of Sensual Bodywork Series consists of three levels, which move progressively from the personal to the professional, from self-awareness to service and from foundational to advanced.  This series is designed to allow you to find your edge, in a measured way, in an emotionally supportive environment.

Ongoing coaching and practice opportunities are available to graduates.

Experiences of Past Participants of The Art of Sensual Bodywork Series:

“What a joyful, heart-full experience it was to learn from Ki and Aurora.  I left this course deeply moved by the sacredness of this work.  The teaching was a thoughtful balance of mindfulness, consent and communication practice, hands-on bodywork, and invaluable sharing of the profession from Ki and Aurora’s solid experience.  Our time together significantly expanded my pleasure potential.”

Instructors:Ki and Aurora

Ki Bournes (BEng, CSB) and Aurora May (MA, CSB) have a passion for creating insightful, educational and pleasurable sensual experiences.

Ki has an established ten-year practice as a sensual bodyworker and educator.  He is certified in tantra, yoga, and body-centered psychology (Hakomi).

Aurora has a successful sensual massage practice and her research and writing on sexuality is published in peer-reviewed academic journals.  She holds a Masters degree in Sociology and is certified in Counseling Skills (Haven Institute).

Ki and Aurora are both certified sexological bodyworkers, trained through the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

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