7 Breaths To Erotic Aliveness

My clients tend to be very successful and busy with their career and their families. They need ways to relax and feel more erotically alive while on the go. Here’s a “micro-practice” I often share with them which I call Global Breathing.

First, here’s how to approach Global Breathing.

Seek the pleasure, make this fun. Breathing by its very nature is a sensual erotic activity, so look for that quality in this practice.

Only breathe as far as your body will allow – don’t try to muscle through any resistance. Awareness of body sensations and movement in this practice is what brings about the positive effects not physical strain. One millimeter of pleasant expansion into an area which is tight and sore is much better than a big, forced, deep breath.

So take it easy and don’t worry about getting it right.

Find a natural pause in your day for this practice. A few minutes before a scheduled meeting. The space between switching tasks. Going from inside a building to the outdoors. Before eating. Waiting for your computer to boot up.

Do it for just 7 breaths intentionally  (about a minute or so) then leave it and go back to your other activities. Come back to the practice often during the day.

So here’s the practice. Breathe in through the nose very slowly. Feel for the breath expanding the following places in the body: the pelvic floor, the belly, the lower back, the solar plexus and ribs, the mid back, the upper chest and the shoulder blades. Do it sequentially and systematically in that order – like you are filling your torso from bottom to top with a warm liquid. When you have felt the breath in all of these places, immediately exhale with no effort. Don’t hold the breath. Let the exhale just “fall out” as the torso shrinks in size. When the exhale is complete then immediately start the next inhale. Get into an easy steady pace as you repeat for at least 7 breaths or a couple of minutes.

If you can’t feel the breath expanding some of these places then just imagine it expanding them. Remember – expand only as far as feels pleasant without strain.

You can make it even more erotic by thinking of your breath as a lover’s caress.

I invite you to try it right now. Again don’t worry about getting it right. Just be aware of what happens and how your body feels before and after a minute of this practice. This one practice alone can bring immense erotic liveliness a habitual way of being in your life.

If you’d like personal coaching in this breathing and other ways of becoming more erotically alive I’d suggest perusing my somatic education services for women and for men.

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