About Ki Bournes

Ki BournesKi Bournes is a somatic sexologist and an established and well regarded sex and intimacy educator, healer and coach in Vancouver. He started his practice in 2004. Besides this website he also has another, erosha, which is dedicated to his work with women.

“I am passionate about my work because it vastly improves the quality of life of my clients. I believe that being empowered in one’s sexuality is the key for well being in all areas of one’s life. My vision is a peaceful and loving world where everyone can enjoy a healthy expression of their sexuality free of fear, guilt and shame.”

Ki has had many different educational experiences that have shaped his world view and inform his work. In his early 20’s he earned an Honours Degree in Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada followed by several years as an officer in the military. In his late 20’s, his life took a 180 degree turn as he pursued his love of nature and adventure, through wilderness guiding, whitewater kayaking, photography and environmental activism. Another big life shift followed in his mid 30’s as he moved into the realm of self-exploration and healing. At this time he practiced Vipassana meditation, massage (Lomi Lomi and Thai), somatic psychotherapy and sex education.  Now in his late 40’s, this is a path which he continues to explore as his life’s work.

Ki has an extensive background of education and practice that expands across multiple meditation, bodywork and psychotherapy modalities. He is continuously learning and updating his knowledge and expertise.

Ki completed the Certified Sexological Bodywork program, at The Institute for Advanced Study in Human Sexuality in San Francisco lead by Dr. Joseph Kramer, a world leader of somatic sex education and the founder of The Body Electric School. Ki is also certified tantric instructor having studied for two years with Maryse Côté. He has honed his skills through thousands of client sessions and leading hundreds classes and workshops especially at the Art of Loving in Vancouver.

Given the complexity of sexuality and the profound wounding that many people have in this area, Ki recognized a need to develop a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between body, mind and emotions based in the most up to date scientific and clinical research in these areas. This lead him to study of somatic psychotherapy especially the Hakomi method. Ki is a Certified Hakomi Practitioner as of July 2015. Also, seeing how sexuality is deeply rooted in our relationship with others, Ki was lead to study with Dr. Betty Martin, a master in understanding and teaching about safety, boundaries and agreements when engaging in sensual touch. In 2013 he completed a yoga teacher certification with Lidija Martinovic.

Ki also has done a great deal of personal study in the relationship between the stigmatization of sexuality by religion and culture and how that contributes to many forms of violence, abuse and oppression within self, relationships and systemically in our world.

Loving presence, mindfulness, embodiment, conscious touch, clear boundaries, communication and pleasure are the foundations of Ki’s somatic sex education work.

Ki is also a devoted and loving father of a very spirited 6 year old boy.