Words of gratitude from people who have had a private session or attended a class or workshop.

Hi Ki and Casey,

Angie and I wanted to thank you both for yet another amazing session.

In the short month (?!) since our first couples massage  session, Angie and I have grown and explored an incredible amount, all due to your help and support. We feel closer than ever and we have learned so much about ourselves and each other. We’re so grateful for what you’ve been able to give us.

We will miss you guys so much! We will let you know which city we end up in (San Francisco or New York), so please let us know if you’ll be in the area. Also, we’ll be sure to let you know the next time we’re back in Vancouver, so we can book another wonderful session!

Thanks again for the amazing journey,

David and Angie

Dear Ki,

Beltane Blessings to you!

Thank you for the wonderful session on Friday. It was the most intense physical pleasure I have ever experienced and definitely the best way I have ever celebrated Beltane! I am amazed at what you can do and how my body (and the rest of me) feels. I am so happy to be doing this work with you. You are so kind and gentle and I trust you completely! What a gift. I am happy to be in my body. I like being alive. And I am whole and complete. I have never felt this way before. Just thinking about our session gives me joy. And the icing on the cake is that we do it all in sacred space.

I can hardly wait till next time! Thank you again.

BB :) Jeannette


My wife and I had the pleasure of a two hour session of Tantric massage with you. You came to our hotel and gave a slow and gentle massage to my wife, while I watched. It was one of the most erotic moments of our lives. And in the process I happened to learn a coupe things about my wife’s erogenous zones that I hadn’t suspected… richard

Hi Ki.

Thank you for the massage today, it was wonderful. With regards to the erotic aspects of it, as you may have realized, it allowed me to experience something I hadn’t experienced before (which I thoroughly enjoyed!). And to top it off, with regards to a simply deep relaxation massage, my low back felt better tonight on my walk than it has in weeks! It is something I’d certainly like to come back for again. So again, thank you for a truly lovely experience.




I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic experience.

I really didn’t know what I expected when I emailed for the appointment, other than I had healed so many parts of my life from sexual abuse… but not the physical part. Until recently I never thought I had a problem with sex as I was very responsive and able to enjoy it. Recently I began noticing some blocks and then I heard about tantric massage and something hit home. Suddenly I needed to experience it.

I honestly didn’t think I would be able to relax, or let a stranger touch me so intimately without tensing up or disassociating (like when the doctor is doing a vaginal exam and you think about your shopping list and hope there is no stray toilet paper anywhere). Not only did you help me to relax but you gave me the confidence to let go and let “Yoni do what Yoni does”. And she did it! But there was no embarrassment or shame. It was all acceptance and caring. It was a greatly freeing experience, and I know now what it is that I have been missing from my sexual experiences. The ability to surrender and not hold everything in. To open and let Yoni feel and express her joy.

I am looking forward to taking classes with you!

See you very soon!


Hello Ki,
I wanted to email you and say thank you once again. Both Doug and I had a great time. I am so touch sensitive now since my massage with you that Doug did get me to squirt last night…..it was AMAZING, but I do believe it was because you heightened my feelings some how. Thank you thank you thank you. We would like to email Casey too. Thank you both for making us feel comfortable and relaxed enough to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Hope your weekend was as great as ours was. Thanks again.

Dear Ki,

I just got home after having a session with you and I just wanted to thank you for the tender care I received. My heart feels so open and full from the warm, caring space you created. My mind feels relaxed and open and curious about the new possibilities that have presented themselves. My body feels radiant in every cell- full of a deep, pulsing goodness that continues to gently awaken me to the goodness of my physical form and the deep goodness of the world around me. Thanks so much for the opportunity to explore deeply in safety with you. The combination of your skills, your mindful presence and your deep caring have been so transformative and deeply healing.

Love, Rose

Hi Ki,

What a beautiful seminar you gave! That was my first time being at that sort of event, and I have the sense I was really lucky for you to have been teaching and sharing. You radiate a pure, tangible loving energy.
After that seminar on cock massage, I felt an immediate, strong change in myself, as if I now have ‘permission’ to express my massage on a lover in the creative, fluid way that comes to me naturally. I have been so conditioned to be outcome-oriented in sex. It’s sweet because a few years ago I used to give my friends massages and I had this strong intuitive process where I knew just what to do. I haven’t felt like I’ve given that ‘knowing’ space to emerge during sex—up till now! A couple nights after that seminar, I arranged a special night with my boyfriend where I made sure I felt comfortable enough to get into that intuitive mind/body-set, and since then our sexual play has intensified and deepened in amazing, irreversible ways. Thank you!


Hi Ki,

I can’t possibly put in an email the words necessary to express the depth of feeling Diane and I have for the time we all spent together last Saturday with you teaching us tantric massage. It was an exceptional evening that I know we’ll never forget. Thank you for everything you offered us. The experience and knowledge will always be a part of our relationship and we’re better individually and as a couple as a result.

Wishing you all the best life has to offer.


Hi Ki,

Just want to let you know how much I enjoyed my massage on Monday. For me, it was one of those rare experiences that one has in life. Thank you and I look forward to our next session. Be well and Blessings from the Universe,

My name is James, and I attended your G-spot class at Art of Loving last week. I was well and truly impressed with your presentation. Very classy, very tasteful, very informative. So much sex education in the past has focused on dry, factual information about what to do, and how to do it (i.e., technique, but not feeling), but for reasons rooted in prudishness, and likely fear of The Law, the activity is never demonstrated, and the subject has all the appeal of Grade 7 Algebra.

To actually see the information presented, with the appropriate results, is always a considerable treat. I am not new to the subject; I know my way around a bit, but I must compliment you on the open-ness and general high quality of your presentation. Needless to say, your model Melody must be complimented as well, for being a knowledgeable and enthusiastic model, and for being willing to have these techniques demonstrated on her, and allowing herself to be viewed by all as she responded to the demonstration, and experienced the sensations induced. She is a class act in her own right.


I apologize that it took so long for me to send you an e-mail re our last massage session. First of all THANK YOU for allowing me to explore and to feel the moment both in a mental and spiritual way. I have to let you know that it had been a long time since I so very much enjoyed a laughing orgasm. There are so many kind of orgasms that one can savour. Be well and Blessings from the Universe.


I went to another class tonight – this one was cock massage by Ki – it was awesome OMG. I learned sooooooooooooo much. Taking these classes was like the best thing i could have done for myself I feel so confident now. what a no brainer – knowing what to do just takes away all that anxiety. and to boot i can feel that what i am doing is super enjoyable.


I attended your Vulva massage workshop on 28th of March. It was a remarkable experience. I was surprised at how comfortable and relaxed you made everyone feel in a situation that few, if any of us had ever been in. Your rapport with the audience and the model was sensitive and inclusive, but also very light and gracious. I was very moved.


Hi Ki,

I’m glad I decided to go to you “vulva massage” class from last Sunday, as you wrote in your blog i had many feelings related to the sex negativity that we have in our society and more than learning the actual vulva massage the class helped me to open up or expand my perspective of sexuality and it really made me feel better.

So thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.



Hi Ki,

I wanted to thank you for working with Daniel and I. The session helped me very much. It was one of the first times in my life where I’ve been able to experience the pain of my past experiences and process them safely.

It was a very powerful point in my healing. Since the session, I have ‘found my voice’ in a way… I gained the courage to talk to Daniel about things I wasn’t able to speak before, things that I really, really needed to say. Because of this, we are growing closer and our connection has deepened. I’m very grateful for that. It’s not an easy process, but it is worth it. I’m also able to really face how things have impacted me, instead of minimizing, as I have done in the past.



just wanted to say thank you for ASS SISTING Madeline in the pushing of my boundries and the exploration of my “bat cave”.

I am A OK and am looking forward to exploring a “hole” lot more with my gal.

Thanks Ki


Ki’s note – I taught Madeline and Dominic how to do anal and prostate massage.

Dear Ki,

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience of deep healing, pleasure and sacred communion. I opened up physically and emotionally in a whole new way, staying present to my feelings, not trying to please or accommodate anyone, not trying to hurry up and come, just being present to the waves of erotic energy.

I found our talk before the massage very helpful. When you asked me to reflect on what I wanted to build on or keep going from the previous massage, I realized that one aspect of what I am learning is how to find and communicate the nuances of yes and no in my erotic responses. How empowering it feels to be listened to as I haltingly articulate what I want (as I make space to learn what that is). Another aspect of what I am learning is how to separate my erotic responses from sticky attachments to any one person or situation. This also feels very empowering, as a basic knowledge I need to integrate in order to make more self-affirming choices around sexuality than I have made in the past.

Your suggestion about using the in breath to push out the PC muscles and release them from the chronic tension I carry there is enormously helpful. While I had been doing Kegel exercises quite often, tightening the PC muscles was almost the opposite of what I needed most – the releasing, relaxing and opening. Your articulation of the value of using breath and touch to bring mindful attention to this part of the body from which we are so often so dissociated was also very important to me.

I really like the way you open and close our sessions with a blessing. It feels like a very important part of honouring the sacred character of the work, and also of making a safe container for the experience. I feel as if there was just the right balance of talking and silence, and that we managed to communicate with and without words extremely well. You caught me when I dissociated, calling me back to my body. It was very helpful then to affirm the safe and chosen nature of what we were doing.

The time you spent with the breathing, having me breathe into your touch, really allowed me to open, release and enjoy – without the pain I have previously experienced on penetration.

Then, such delicious pleasure…. I felt held in all the untouched places at once, stimulated and opened to wave after wave of erotic energy and power.

The way you ended the period of intense stimulation so respectfully and gradually, and then segued into a more gentle connection and holding, was very wonderful. It brought a sense of wholeness/completion to the experience that felt novel, unexpected, and “right.” One thing I occasionally worried about during the massage was the old thing of “am I taking too long?” or “is this about to end and leave me having to walk out into the street hyperstimulated?” Having you frame the erotic intensity with such special things as the blessing, the gentle holding, etc., all work to create a structure that invites a deep unfolding – an efflorescence. Especially for people who come regularly, as I hope to do – I imagine that structure would become a predictable rhythm within which I could experience an even more profound release and opening.

Afterwards: I felt vibrated with a blissful energy that is both source and surcease. I felt weepy and tender, and also daring and powerful. I felt solitary and secret, and yet deeply touched and reconnected with the world. I felt: “I can shed cultural paradigms and the habits of smallness, and be all of who I am.”

Thank you so much,



Hi Ki!!

Sorry to take a week to get this sent off to you. It has been another time of integrating this incredible work that you do. Shawn and I had lots to talk about after our session with you.

Thank-you again for your generosity with your time and energy. It was truly amazing. Last night I was able to tell Shawn exactly how and where to touch me until he had the perfect spot, pressure, rhythm, and that magical, undefinable quality that gives one permission to forget which planet one is on as one becomes overcome with sensation.

The work you do has helped directly with me being able to find my voice and my words, and to remain patient and open as Shawn made his way around, cracking the code and completely unlocking me.


Dear Ki,

it will be exactly 1 week since my visit to your studio. it took me also exactly this much time to realize what happened in that room maybe the last piece of puzzle to the new changed of my life.

the pure physical sensation wasn’t a foreign experience for me, but the love that you were trying to give, the feeling of being pampered, like a child, of my need to receive love, and your unconditional give .. those tender moments kept coming back to me .. in my dream, in my vision .. i know it’s part of your ‘service’ but i felt you are doing more than just filling in the tasks ..

i think i may have started to understand Osho’s teaching of pure love energy exchange, with no intention, no judgment, not selfish pleasure but something more profound.

I thank you for being a genuine and passionate human being, and i thank myself for trusting in you. i now understand that i should not settle for less than someone who could truly appreciate me and love me as who i am .. it maybe a difficult mission but it’s worth the wait.


My Dear Ki,

I can find no words worthy of the space you created for me last week. I, (literally) have never experienced a place of such acceptance, love, warmth, comfort, compassion, caring and nuturing energy in all of my life.

This could have been a sad fact BUT, then I found you. How lucky am I?



You have a wonderful vision, and hold amazing clarity and groundedness in an area that almost always seems to be a little muddy – explicitly sexual learning and the sacred.

In our men’s sexual empowerment workshop, I took note of the willingness of men to be guided by you, and that your concern for our safety earned you the trust to guide us well past the personal boundaries many of us had identified the day before.

You have a unique gift. I look forward to when we can next work together.




I just wanted to say thank you again for the therapeutic erotic birthday massage on Monday. I left feeling relaxed and happy but more importantly, deeply affirmed. I was surprised by how great I felt afterwards. I hope to be able to have another massage from you again some day.



“Ki’s sessions helped me to accept a part of my sexuality. I always felt uncomfortable whenever men paid attention to me. Now it’s o.k. for a man to find me attractive and vice-versa. I take it as a compliment. I feel more at ease with my sexuality and I’m enjoying life more and I’m not worrying about what other people think of me. It’s my life and I plan to make the most of it!”


Hey Ki,

Just wanted to send along a heartfelt congratulations to you! I wanted to take this moment to celebrate you and the inspiration you provide to do our most authentic work with courage and joy!!!


Just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you so much for the empowering experience last week. I have arrived back in New Zealand and wish you were just down the road as I’d love to come over again.
Thank you once again

Dear Ki,

I wanted to thank you for yesterday. I was so relaxed and happy for the rest of the day! Your care, warmth and understanding made me feel very at home. I really enjoyed the educational part of our session too, which I would like to expand on.

The main feeling I came away with was how I can actually take control of my own pleasure.

I agree it will create more joy and I can become softer in all the things that I do. I found the breathing to the edge of resistance a magical lesson also. One I can practice ongoing. The orgasm was amazing, I have never experienced that before. You have magic fingers that I hope are not hurting anymore…tee hee. Kidding..

I look forward to learning how to do that myself.

See you soon,



Dear Ki,

My new partner John is enchanted by the stories I have told of you and your work. I shared some tantric practices with him this weekend, conscious breathing, the sensual communication practice and even some anal massage too!

He LOVED it and wants to come for a couples’ session.

Ki, thank you for bringing this beautiful work into my life. I finally have a partner to explore with and we are both SOOOO ready!!



Thank you for giving me the relaxation and tension release last night in our tantric massage. Your open communication before, during and after the session helped me to relax and feel comfortable.

Although I thought I felt comfortable, you and I noticed that during the anal massage my glutes were a bit tense. You told me that you were not going to hurt me and that you were going to be gentle and follow my boundaries. Although I logically knew that, hearing it allowed my muscles to relax. I thought about the difference between conscious, logical thought and subconscious reactions to mental blocks and memories.

I appreciated your openness and receptiveness. Your inquiry to my feedback, asking me to identify sensations and involuntary movements, helped me to realize and identify some things that I noticed but did not think about. When I could not understand or describe a sensation or feeling, you positively reinforced that it was okay. Your gentle tone and voice also helped with my comfort and relaxation.

Thank you.


To Ki….with gracious thanks

to feel so safe and comfortable . to relax and feel allowed to be vulnerable.

i feel like the first day splashing puddles in my new red rubber boots.
like watermelon juice dripping down my bare chest and laughing on a hot summer day.
Feel like wet warm sand between my toes
like champagne tastes
like baby powder smells
like a kiss on the forehead from someone you love when you are little feels.
like the words “i love you” sound when whispered by a cherished one
like the sunrise looks over a still sea

I am not feminine or masculine.
I am Goddess
I feel powerful and at peace.
able and vulnerable

capable and able to recieve with humility.
feel completed yet not finished. Ready to embrace with new wonder and excitement…
i could give or receive pleasure from anyone..

I am able weak and safe and strong and safe
intoxicated and clear
divine and DIVINE and DIVINE

in touch with the earth the moon and the tides… the rain the sun and the wind. heaven reigns inside me with every heartbeat and breath.

when i run my hand through my hair , i am moved
when i feel a breeze on my neck i am moved
with every breath i am moved.
i feel myself feel every breath down to the anus.
i feel it beat in unison with my heart .
I am moved as I read this.
I cry…
You moved me when I could no longer move myself.

Sept 11, 2007

I decided to visit Ki after looking at his sight many many times for over a year. Much comtemplation went into this decision. Like many people , I have born witness to others grief and anger and had much insecurity with my sexuality. Sex to be honest was never something I could endure without feelings of humiliation and fear. Joy or happiness was never an emotion I had experienced before.

I made the appointment and was greeted and welcomed to a lovely calm and inviting space. I was very very nervous. I had no expection of my own participation save that of being gentle with myself.

The first hour was consultation, (which I would highly recommend) discussed many many things in an arena of non-judgement. At the end of the hour I felt much better.

Then Ki left as I got undressed and got under the sheets. Very nervous again. Tight as a walnut. When Ki returned and started his massage I immediately felt safe comfort that I haven’t felt for a long time. Anyone having survived abuse will understand this. I would say that the majority of the massage would have been similar to other massages except for some very simple and minor techniques ki taught me through explanation and modeling, ( I copied his actions). Those made a difference that I could not have sincerely imagined possible.

Ki asked my permission every step of the way and I was ready and prepared and comfortable and felt very safe with every thing he suggested.

I was prepared to have any emotion and Ki was very kind and patient through tears of sorrow and joy. I was surprised that there was much much more joy than sorrow!

Over many years I have tried antidepressants, mood stabilizers, counseling (emdr), bio feedback, cranio sacral therapy, homeopathy , naturopathy, reiki and several years of guided mediation.

Truly meditation without a doubt changed my life and prepared me to be in the frame of mind to receive this experience through Ki, however I could never have imagined that three small hours of my time would change my life forever. What a blessing and gift.

I would recommend this to anyone at any level of comfort. Ki is there to accomodate wherever you are.

For me it took a large modicum of courage but without a doubt the best investment in myself I could have ever made. Before I even got off of the table I knew my life was changed forever.
– Sj


You are the dude amongst all dudes – particularly massage gods!

Thank you hugely for creating the bliss for PRD – she was seeing double when she left your ‘hood’, and it took her 38 hours to find her way home.

That is a testament to your magic touch and heart.
– rem :)

My sessions with Ki have been invigorating and alivening. He listens and receives me with complete presence and loving openness and guides me deeply into my breath and body sensations.
– Sophie, Art Therapist

I come to see Ki for a relaxation massage every couple of weeks or so and I have to say I am never disappointed. His method, strength and focus produce incredible results. My whole body feels relaxed and invigorated. His touch, at times strong and deep or at times light and sensuous, is the ultimate in massage experience.
– Thomas, Senior Manager

Hello Ki….. Just a quick note of thanks for the incredible experience you gave me the other day. I didn’t tell you, but perhaps you sensed, that I was very nervous, and yet excited, about coming to see you. When meeting you at the door, instantly I was relaxed by your calming and caring demeanor. Sitting with you for a bit, being taught about the tantric experience, was informative, and interesting. When it was time for me to remove my clothing, it was comfortable and not awkward at all. The massage, well what can I say. You had me tingling and relaxing all at the same time. Being touched and massaged from head to toe, and everywhere in between was pure bliss. I left the massage feeling released in so many ways. Thank you Ki, and I look forward to my next experience with you.
Cheers, Scott, Sales

Dear Ki, I am writing this in gratitude for the incredible audition I had. I am confident that had I not been in to see you and receive such a professional, compassionate and deeply effective massage, that I in no way could have physically or emotionally been open enough to have had such a great audition. As a professional actor and vocalist I am well aware that tension is my worst enemy. Since first coming to you for such an important audition and now continuing the work on a weekly basis, I find myself much more relaxed, confident and both emotionally and physically far more open to capitalize on every opportunity to land rolls and perform. With great respect and appreciation,
Zeus Ghadban, The Sing-A-Gram Man

Dear Ki: I really want to thank you for a wonderful experience today. My feeling is that you are a very kind, thoughful and comforting man and your touch is really nice. Having never had a tantric massage I now feel like I have been missing some wonderful sensations. It produces a feeling that I don’t want to let go of very soon. I am carrying that with me now this evening. Thanks so much. I also appreciate your acknowlegement of my need for soft touch in front. You are very respectful and considerate. Your gentleness allows relaxation to occur. I am very glad to have met you, in general.
Best regards,

I have enjoyed many different types of massage. Thai massage was my favourite until I received one of Ki’s intuitive relaxation massages. The experiece was completely transforming and amazing. To start the session he connected with me to clearly and compassionately understand where I was at and where I wanted to go. Ki’s energy, honouring words and introduction to our session created a safe space for a relaxing, transforming and healing experience. He was very clear with boundaries and guiding me in my intention for my healing work. Ki is a powerful healer and a truly authentic person. He is extremely professional and his prices are a steal for the value. Thank you Ki!
– Camelot Van Merlin, Performance Artist

Hello Ki, First of all, I really enjoyed the massage and felt throughout that I was a safe hands. You were very respectful and considerate. I particularly appreciated your words of affirmation and acknowledgement; along with your touching, it made me feel more appreciative and accepting of my body. I did not experience any profound emotions associated with the massage, but I came away very relaxed and I think that was emotional as well as physical. I hope to be able to have another session with you before too long. Best regards,
– Mike

Thank you for spending some time with me in the massage last Thursday. I wasn’t sure what to expect since it was my first “tantric” massage. I really enjoyed every minute of it. You were very caring and sensitive and you made me feel really relaxed. I am kind of quiet by nature but I ended up having several incredible orgasms during the massage (and again after!). It was such a sensual, almost surreal experience. There were times when I felt like I was in another place during the massage. The focus was intense. I felt like I was walking in slow motion the rest of the day. Thanks again for your wonderful touch. I hope that I can experience it again.
– Elizabeth, Executive

Ki greeted me at the door, I removed my boots, we hugged and I was given a tour of the home that is both where he lives and where he does his healing, transformational work. After a meeting of the heads, we descended to his massage studio.

In to the studio where walls, blinds, sheets, towels, everything before me was clean, refreshing white. Of course, there was the inevitable massage table in the middle of the room, perfectly set up and awaiting, me. Little else for me to concentrate on in the room, I was already feeling good about all this as I removed my clothing and laid myself out as asked on the table, under the white flannel sheet.

Ki asked what I wanted AND needed from the massage today, then proceeded to rearrange me on the table, to his liking and told me to no longer work my body in any way, but rather, to let him move me. Once everything was aligned, he blessed both his work and me and off I went, in the zone.

Submitted to his hands, elbows and fingers as they worked out long held knots in my muscle groups and breathed a different type of breath on the constant encouragement of the healer working on my body.

It was 75 minutes of bliss and when it was over, I was blessed yet again as was the work and then left alone to center myself until I was ready to sit up, dress and resume life again. An incredible way to spend a morning. I’m on top of the world.
– Jennifer, Sex Activist, Libido Events

I’m a very sexual person and I’ve done Tantra with other practitioners; yet I was astonished at how Ki took me to a level of arousal I’ve never experienced before. My lips and fingers tingled with pleasure. The full body massage was great too. Ki has a firm satisfying touch. I felt both relaxed and energized. I’ll be back for another session soon.
– Paul, Stylist

I’m a 37-year-old working mom with two preschoolers. I go for relaxation massages to help me deal with a variety of stresses inherent with living a fast-paced, rushed lifestyle. Fortunately, for me, Ki’s massages are not only incredibly relaxing, but also have a restorative effect on me, emotionally and spiritually. What makes Ki’s massage so potent is the quality of deep awareness, consciousness and intent he brings to his work which catalyses and balances energy stored in the body, crystallizes present-moment awareness, and helps me to enter meditative dimensions. His sessions have been invaluable for me to renew and recharge my physical and creative energy. I always feel serene, peaceful, and nurtured after a session. The sense of well-being stays with me for several days, helping me to be a kinder and more loving person towards myself, my children, my partner, my co-workers and my friends.
– Laura, Music Therapist

I’m so in my head most times. Ki helped me to reconnect with my body. The Tantric massage was so spiritual for me. A powerful 3 hour session gave me more insights into myself than years of meditation.
– John, Programmer

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