The Ki Experience

The Ki Experience is very intimate and real. What can happen is limited only by imagination and the mutual consent of client and practitioner. Sessions unfold organically in response to what feels safe and pleasurable in the moment.

We start from our personal value that sexuality is good. Sexual energy turns us on and gives juice to life, it’s the Creative Force moving through and expressed in our beautiful sensual bodies. Our somatic education is about (re)learning to play and dance with sexual energy in ways that nourish you and your relationships. It’s about being free and empowered to sexually express yourself. It’s about liberating yourself from fear and shame and becoming more joyfully alive. It’s about reclaiming your birthright to sexual pleasure, health and empowerment in the face of thousands of years of shame and stigma put upon sexuality.

This reclaiming process can be very challenging because sexuality is an incredibly complex and integrated system that encompasses all aspects of being. The physical – muscular system, hormones, cardio-vascular system, sexual organs, nervous system, lifestyle and medications; The mental/emotional – sexual history, beliefs, habits, traumas, feelings, fantasy and socio-cultural conditioning; And the relational – how we do love and lust with others. All of these aspects affect each other and the overall nourishment (or pain) that we get from sexuality in our lives.

When you have a problem with your sex life, it’s common that traditional talk therapy or medical treatments don’t help because they overlook the emotional and the relational aspects of the system and instead focus on the cognitive or the bio-physical aspects.

Sessions with the Massage By Ki experts are especially effective because they use an integrated, somatic approach with an emphasis on physical touch and intimacy done in a safe and caring, emotionally supportive environment.

But what does a session, class or workshop look like in practice? That’s a good question. The best answer is that each one is unique to each individual’s needs and desires in the present moment. To get a better idea of what a session is like, it’s helpful to speak in terms of the feel of a session and what sort of activities might happen.

Here are some feeling words that could describe a session: playful, spontaneous, improvisational, gentle, gradual, respectful, safe, honouring, experimental, experiential, embodied, mindful, educational, interesting, sensual, erotic, passionate, exciting, blissful, hot, fun, serious, irreverent, emotionally engaged, intimate, compassionate, loving, caring, healing and transformational.

And here are some activities that could happen during a session:

-playing experiential games that help you to identify your desires and boundaries;
-receiving or giving erotic bodywork;
– learning sensual touch and communication skills;
-doing little experiments with words, body movements or touch designed to help you learn more about your unconscious patterns concerning sex and intimacy;
-learning and practicing mindfulness meditation i.e. tracking your thoughts, emotions, sensations and movements so that you can learn about yourself;
-becoming skilled at practices that will help you to regulate your emotions so that you can stay calm – especially in intimate situations;
-dancing, yoga and expressive body movements;
-paying attention to body sensations in different ways;
-conscious breathing;
-talking about your life – especially your sex life, relationship and sexual history;
-viewing and discussing sexual educational books and videos;
-exploring and expanding your fantasies and desires through conversation and creative role play;
-discussing sex and relationships in an explicit, affirming, relaxed and non-judgmental way;
-discerning your authentic, self-generated desires, and learning to express them with charm and confidence; and,
-quietly resting and being held in a caring embrace.

That’s a lot but certainly not an exhaustive list. Hopefully it gives you and idea.

When we tell people the Ki Experience is unique, we really mean it! An attitude of celebration of sexuality pervades our work as does a deep respect, and care for the well being of our clients.

Do you have more questions? Our FAQ is full of information on the process, fees and more resources. Our BLOG has many in depth articles.

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