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Finding the Road to ErosTown

This bit of writing is especially for couples. I’d like to make a distinction between Love and Eros. In my opinion most folks tend to confuse these two characters. Like they’re one and the same. My belief is that while … Continue reading

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Understanding The Sexual Healing Process – Introduction

For almost three years now I have been training in a form of emotion and body centred psychotherapy called Hakomi. This method, the life work of visionary Ron Kurtz who just recently passed away, is a synthesis of ancient spiritual … Continue reading

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The Journey to Erotic Self-expression

There are times in life when the erotic spark just disappears. The loss of a relationship is a good example. If one’s erotic life is inspired by a significant Other, then losing Them can be devastating. But loss, accompanied with … Continue reading

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Advice for Men to Last Longer and Enjoy More Erotic Energy and Heart Connection

Being able to last as long as I like and choose when I have an orgasm is something that I have been working on mastering for a very long time. And to be honest, after years and thousands kegel exercises, … Continue reading

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7 Breaths To Erotic Aliveness

My clients tend to be very successful and busy with their career and their families. They need ways to relax and feel more erotically alive while on the go. Here’s a “micro-practice” I often share with them which I call … Continue reading

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