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Thanks for not enduring touch that doesn’t feel good

I am always amazed and surprisingly delighted how little things make a big difference in having a satisfying intimate life. For example, this morning: I was cuddled up to my love in bed, both of us half asleep, my hand … Continue reading

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Finding the Road to ErosTown

This bit of writing is especially for couples. I’d like to make a distinction between Love and Eros. In my opinion most folks tend to confuse these two characters. Like they’re one and the same. My belief is that while … Continue reading

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The Journey to Erotic Self-expression

There are times in life when the erotic spark just disappears. The loss of a relationship is a good example. If one’s erotic life is inspired by a significant Other, then losing Them can be devastating. But loss, accompanied with … Continue reading

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Erotic Education and Sex-Negativity

I often teach classes about sex – erotic massage, sexual communication, tantra and the like. Of course most people are just too anxious to even consider coming to a class about sex. Which leads me into a discussion on why … Continue reading

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Learning Massage, Learning to Live

This article was written by one of my erotic massage students, Paul. It’s inspiring! He has more writings on his blog The Listing Bucketeer *************************************** My wife and I have always enjoyed receiving a good massage. Mostly we’d fill the … Continue reading

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Advice for Men to Last Longer and Enjoy More Erotic Energy and Heart Connection

Being able to last as long as I like and choose when I have an orgasm is something that I have been working on mastering for a very long time. And to be honest, after years and thousands kegel exercises, … Continue reading

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Finding Pleasure

One of the joys of having a body is feeling pleasure. But how often, when we are having sex, are we actually feeling pleasure? I’ll use a personal story to make my point. Not long ago I was getting sexy … Continue reading

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