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Thanks for not enduring touch that doesn’t feel good

I am always amazed and surprisingly delighted how little things make a big difference in having a satisfying intimate life. For example, this morning: I was cuddled up to my love in bed, both of us half asleep, my hand … Continue reading

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Finding the Road to ErosTown

This bit of writing is especially for couples. I’d like to make a distinction between Love and Eros. In my opinion most folks tend to confuse these two characters. Like they’re one and the same. My belief is that while … Continue reading

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Learning Massage, Learning to Live

This article was written by one of my erotic massage students, Paul. It’s inspiring! He has more writings on his blog The Listing Bucketeer *************************************** My wife and I have always enjoyed receiving a good massage. Mostly we’d fill the … Continue reading

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Tips For Giving Great Sensual Touch

Giving great sensual touch with your hands is the most important sexual skill you can have.  If your sex life isn’t as satisfying as  you’d like it, before rushing off to get a new sex toy, try improving your touch … Continue reading

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