Enjoying Relaxation Massage Together

Couples Relaxation MassageLevel – Beginner

It’s a wonderfully intimate experience for couples to receive a relaxation massage together. In this session we’ll set up two massage tables, bring in two expert masseurs and give both of you a delicious massage at the same time.

Learning to receive and savour sensual pleasure is kind of like learning to swim. You can’t really learn how to do it by reading a book or thinking about it – you actually have to get into the water and do it. A relaxation massage is like getting into the shallow end of a warm inviting pool. Nothing but goodness here

The Massage by Ki team offers a style of massage called Lomi Lomi also known as Hawaiian Shamanic Massage. It is a very sensual style that feels like a dance of touch on your body. It’s very rhythmic and integrates the whole body with long connective strokes from head to toe, different areas being massaged at the same time, energy work, feather light touch, deep yet sensitive pressure from the elbows and forearms, and gentle stretches. It’s yummy

We work very intuitively, with great presence, listening closely to what our hands, your breath, body and sounds are saying non-verbally. Rarely do we engage in chit chat while massaging. Any talking we do is to check in and to guide you into a deeper awareness of sensation, breath and touch. If you need to express anything in words, we are compassionate listeners. If emotions arise, we’ll give you the right amount space and support you’ll need to feel them and allow them to move through you

You are free to surrender to the exquisite touch or give us as much guidance as you need to get exactly the touch that feels most nourishing to you. It’s a wonderful experience to relax together in the same room as your intimate partner knowing that both of you are getting an amazing massage.

This Service is Offered By: Ki Bournes and Casey Morgan

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