Savouring Tantric Massage Together

Savouring Tantric Massage TogetherLevel – Intermediate to Advanced

The intent for this type of couple’s session is for both partners to relax and savour a tantric massage at the same time. We’ll set up two massage tables, bring in two expert bodyworkers and give both of you a delicious massage at the same time.

It’s a common fantasy for many couples to have some erotic play with someone outside the relationship. However, making that happen in a way that is safe and enjoyable for both partners can be a bit tricky – especially if it’s your first time. A couple’s Tantric massage with our team is a great way to test these new waters without the risk of any unpleasant surprises – your session will be completely confidential, safe and respectful of the boundaries that you and your partner are comfortable with.

A tantric massage brings together many of the somatic learning and healing practices and services we provide into one exquisite session. Owning and communicating your desire, feeling good about your body, playfully practicing techniques for sexual energy mastery, and surrendering to powerful flows of orgasmic energy can all be woven into your session. This is tantric massage and it’s all about you!

You’ll learn simple and effective tantric secrets of movement, breath and awareness, that combined with amazing massage, will lead you into profound pleasure, possibly more than you have ever felt before. In this highly energized state, deep layers of physical and emotional tension, stuff that you may have been holding for years, often just melt away. You’ll leave a session feeling unburdened and alive.

We use a style of massage called Lomi Lomi also known as Hawaiian Shamanic Massage. It is a very sensual style that feels like a dance of touch on your body. It’s very rhythmic and integrates the whole body with long connective strokes from head to toe, different areas being massaged at the same time, energy work, feather light touch, deep yet sensitive pressure from the elbows and forearms, and gentle stretches. It’s yummy.

In a tantric massage you’ll receive special attention to your genitals, buttocks and anus, if you desire and feel comfortable with that. But we don’t have to go there either. We’re confident and competent in massaging these intimate places but that doesn’t need to happen for you to receive the benefits of a tantric massage.

We work very intuitively, with great presence, listening closely to what our hands, your breath, body and sounds are saying non-verbally. Rarely do we engage in chit chat while massaging. Any talking we do is to check in and to guide you into a deeper awareness of sensation, breath and touch. If you need to express anything in words, we are compassionate listeners. If emotions arise, we’ll give you the right amount space and support you’ll need to feel them and allow them to move through you.

You are free to surrender to the exquisite touch or give us as much guidance as you need to get exactly the touch that feels most nourishing to you.

You might be ready to jump right in to receiving a tantric massage or you might need to do some other somatic education and healing work before being able to fully enjoy one. We’re here to help you assess what would be the best place for you to start.

Your time with us will be fun and sensual. After the session you’ll congratulate yourself for being adventurous. You’ll feel relaxed and more connected to your partner too.

This Service is Offered By: Ki Bournes , Casey Morgan, Aurora, and Sophia.

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