Watch and Learn Massage

Tantric Massage BlissLevel – Intermediate to Advanced

The intent of the Watch and Learn Massage is for couples to learn new touch and intimacy skills in a way that is casual and fun for both partners. It can also be a sensual adventure. Couples that have been together for a while often have to try new things to keep the passion alive and flowing. This is a great and safe way to do that.

We’ll start the session with some chat so we can get to know you better and find out what you’d like to learn. After we talk Partner “A” gets on the massage table to receive a massage from one of our Massage By Ki expert masseurs and partner “B” just watches or can join in for some hands on instruction if they wish. A session can include switching roles where partner “B” gets on the table and partner “A” watches and learns.

The Watch and Learn Massage can be either a Relaxation Massage or a Tantric Massage. You can learn more general massage practices or more specific things like g-spot massage for woman or anal and prostate massage for men.

We also offer live demonstration classes of massage.

This Service is Offered By: Ki Bournes or Casey Morgan

Do you have more questions? Read about the Ki Experience. Our FAQ is full of information on the process, fees and more resources. Our BLOG has many in depth articles.

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