Exploring Sensual Touch from a Man

Level – Intermediate to Advanced

For many men an important step in breaking out of the “Act Like a Man Box” is exploring the pleasures of being sensually touched and massaged by another man. For many men this is a lifelong fantasy and a big step into the unknown. We’ve helped many men explore this territory and they’ve come out the other side with a huge feeling of empowerment and joy. It takes a lot of courage and vulnerability to be bi-curious and we honour that.

It’s ok to be nervous . Our friendly and confident manner will help you move through it.  Your physical and emotional well being are our highest priorities. This means offering a sensual experience with clear boundaries that honours your desire while maintaining an attitude of acceptance, nurture and affirmation. This is deep soul nourishment.

You will only get the touch that you want. And of course you can rest assured that your visit will be completely confidential.

We’ve seen first hand the burden of years of shame lifted from many men while receiving a sensual massage and hearing kind words like, “It’s good to enjoy the touch of another man.” Or “It’s great to feel your arousal.” Or “I’m here with you.”

This is deep healing.

We’ve written more about this in our blog.

This Service is Offered By: Ki Bournes

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