Learning Tantric Massage

Level – Intermediate to Advanced

Giving truly can be as pleasurable as receiving, especially when tantric massage is the gift. Many people want this skill as part of their own intimate repertoire or wish to add it to a professional bodywork or healing practice – either is fine.

Our teaching process is very hands supported by video and books. Your first session will be receiving a tantric massage yourself if you haven’t had one before. After that you’ll learn by practicing on one of our models – either a man or a woman or both. There are no fixed number of lessons but generally people do a minimum of 6 hours of training. Of course the more you take the more skill and confidence you’ll develop.

This Service is Offered By: Ki Bournes

Do you have more questions? Read about the Ki Experience. Our FAQ is full of information on the process, fees and more resources. Our BLOG has many in depth articles.

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