Playful Sexual Energy Mastery

Sexual Energy MasteryLevel – Beginner to Advanced

Our sexual energy is like a spaceship which could transport us to beautiful and fascinating worlds where we could discover new things and bring back incredible treasures; but most of us use this precious vehicle to go down the street to pick up a donut.

Men learn bad sexual habits as teenagers and adults that keep them from experiencing the fullness and richness of their sexual energy and limit their capacity to deeply connect with themselves and their partners. Or worse, their habits deepen into serious problems like premature or delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer.

Playful sexual energy mastery for men has a lot to do with unlearning these bad habits but doing so in a way which is fun and non-goal oriented. You’ve got enough work in your life already – we won’t add more. With gentle and compassionate coaching while you will learn to feel more pleasure and raise your sexual energy to new heights where you can enjoy multiple, prolonged, full body, ecstatic orgasms and peaceful oceans of bliss. You will learn to have a deep communion with yourself and another. You will discover how your sexual energy can become a vehicle for personal growth and transformation.

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