Somatic Sexual Healing

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For many men the road to sexual empowerment and pleasure begins by healing the wounds of abuse.  The numbers of men who have been sexually abused are huge. 1 in 6 men (actually we think it’s greater as men tend to not tell about these things due to the extreme shame involved) have been sexually abused as a child and 80% of the time it’s not by a stranger but rather by someone who should be trusted – a relative, friend, caregiver, teacher, coach or spiritual leader. It’s a big problem that is not openly discussed.

Even those men who haven’t been sexually abused still manage to get wounded through pervasive cultural messages that we call the “Act Like a Man Box”.  Inside this box men are supposed to be sexual conquerors. Men are not supposed to have emotions. Men are supposed to get hard and stay hard and last as long as they want. Men are supposed to be heterosexual. Men are supposed to look a certain way and have the appropriate equipment size. It’s all about high performance and unobtainable standards. It’s not very human. The “Act Like a Man Box” denies men their birthright of sexual pleasure and well being. We’ll help you bust out of it. (Note: We’d like to give the awesome sex educator Charlie Glickman credit for the term “Act Like a Man Box”.)

We see the healing process as a somatic education process . Through mindful assisted study of your body sensations, emotions, thoughts and actions you’ll become aware of all the unconscious patterns that have arisen from your sexual wounding. Patterns that helped you survive the abuse but also that might be stopping the fullest nourishing aspects of your sexuality to be received and celebrated. We’ve written about the healing process extensively in our blog here, here and here.

 There are many aspects to this process. Like how to:

– forgive yourself and make new meanings about old abuse
– stay connected to your body, mind, emotions and actions in the here and now
– safely feel and regulate big emotions like terror, rage and grief without becoming overwhelmed
– reclaim sexual energy and desire as good
– reclaim absolute sovereignty over your body and know it as beautiful
– own, know and communicate your authentic desires and boundaries
– give and receive touch with enthusiastic consent
– savour and surrender to the gifts of sensual pleasure and human connection.

Somatic Sexual Healing leads to freedom. Freedom from fear, guilt and shame. Freedom to breathe and feel deeply. Freedom to celebrate your body, sexuality and desire.

This Service is Offered By: Ki Bournes

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