Becoming More Orgasmic

Orgasmic Happiness

Orgasms. They feel superb, relax your body and mind, and bring vitality to your health and intimate relationships. Really good ones can be a spiritual event.

You want more orgasms or your first one. Or perhaps you’ve heard of different types of orgasms (g-spot orgasms, squirting orgasms, full body orgasms, blended orgasms) and you’d like to experience them. Whatever your desires, our “Becoming More Orgasmic” program, will take you there.

Orgasms are mysterious. Your beliefs, feelings, desires, fears, perceptions, physiology and relationships all interact in complex ways to influence your orgasm.

Taking a somatic learning approach, we’ll playfully explore all these different aspects of your being to discover new pathways to orgasm.

How about breathing more deeply? Can you locate your sexual muscles and are they supple and strong? What kind of touch feels really good and can you communicate that to your partner? What about combining toys with touch? How do sounds and movement affect your orgasmic energy? Is there any shame or other emotional blockage that you have to let go of? What about fantasy? What do you need to feel safe to surrender to the power of your orgasm?

There are endless possibilities for pleasurable and playful exploration on route to your first orgasm or more, powerful, new ones. Becoming more orgasmic is journey of self discovery and healing that we are grateful to accompany you on.

This Program is Offered By: Ki Bournes

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