Exploring Pleasure on Your Terms

What do I really want?Level – Beginner to Advanced

Wow what a radical concept. The idea of it! Really that you could explore sensual and sexual pleasure on your terms rather then what someone else (a man probably!) wants or as what society defines as correct and proper. How liberating. And maybe a bit daunting. If your desires have always been defined by someone or something outside of yourself, you might be a wee bit out of touch with what is authentically yours.

Perhaps you have never had skillful sensual touch from another person that was deeply attuned and responsive to your moment by moment cues and that was free from the demands for something in return. That’s the space that we’ll create together in the somatic learning of “Receiving Pleasure on Your Terms”, a space where you can drop deeply into a sensual trance and wait quietly for Desire to whisper to you, “I want …”

Maybe your desire is only a rough sketch or a fragment of a bigger picture that still needs to be filled in. We’re comfortable hanging out with you in the unknown, in the mystery of something new coming into being. There’s time and a supportive atmosphere that will let your desires emerge organically.

And because we’re experts in these explorations, we can also gently lead the way with some tempting invitations. We also know some fun somatic games that will help you learn new things about your own desire. One of our favourite games for example is called “Pleasure Mapping” where we explore your whole body with touch, lots of different kinds of touch, to see what feels good. There’s no right or wrong, no high stakes or fragile egos to protect, just playful exploration with no expectations.

Or maybe your desire is an ornately decorated secret boudoir in your imagination just waiting for a safe space and an open minded co-cospirator with whom you can make it real. Let’s talk. We’ve written about this on our blog too.

This is all about your pleasure. Now is the time to know your desire, to own it and to savour the sweet satisfaction of receiving it on your terms

This Service is Offered By: Ki Bournes

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