Professional Somatic Sexology Training

Level – Advanced

Our mission at Massage By Ki is to transform the tremendous fear, shame and ignorance around sexuality which makes it a source of oppression, unhappiness and trauma for many people. We are working toward a world where sexuality is reclaimed and celebrated by all people as a source of pleasure, well being and empowerment. The only way that transformation is going to happen is through education. Our belief is that the somatic approach is the leading edge of this education

Our most favourite activity is to share our years of knowledge and experience with motivated people who wish to become somatic sex educators themselves. Some of our students are sex workers who want to bring more of an educational aspect to their work. Some of our students already do some sort of touch therapy but want to bring in more of a sexuality centred approach in a safe and empowering way for themselves and their clients. Some of our students are doing something completely unrelated to education or sexuality and just feel called to it as a new career.

Whatever your motivations, starting point and goals are, our professional training is custom designed for you. Here are some of the broad areas that we teach:
– tantra training
– sexological bodywork training
– mindfulness training
– understanding the systemic oppressions of sexism, heterosexism and cisgenderism
– working with clients with trauma
– working with survivors of sexual abuse
– giving and teaching relaxation and tantric massage
– developing your own personal boundaries and teaching boundaries to others
– overcoming your own sexual shame and helping others to do the same
– learning top notch sexual communication skills and teaching those to others
– science and pleasure centred sex education
– safer sex education
– the legalities of offering sexual touch for money
– running a successful business doing somatic sex education
– accessing other somatic sex education resources
– working with men, women and couples

Clearly there is a lot to learn and many of our students have questions about the commitment involved. The best place to start is by contacting us and we’ll do an assessment together of your resources and goals and come up with a program that is best suited to you.

This Service is Offered By: Ki Bournes

Do you have more questions? Read about the Ki Experience. Our FAQ is full of information on the process, fees and more resources. Our BLOG has many in depth articles.

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