Women Paying For Sex?!

This piece of writing is specifically directed toward heterosexual women but I hope there is something in it for you even if you’re not in that particular group.

Traditionally the main consumers of paid sexual services have been men. There are many reasons for that. I think most significantly women have had far less disposable income so were unable to afford the services of sex workers (still largely true) but also for a woman to actually have her own sexual desire, apart from her “duty” to take care of her man, was considered unladylike, immoral or downright slutty (also still largely true).

Thankfully times are changing (slowly), and more and more women are starting to employ the services of sex workers for the same reasons men do – for pleasure, fun, variety, healing, and emotional intimacy.

If you want to hear a woman’s perspective on the challenges and rewards of seeing sex workers, I highly recommend getting a copy of Shameless: How I Ditched the Diet, Got Naked, Found True Pleasure…and Somehow Got Home in Time To Cook Dinner by author Pamela Madsen. The book, at times light hearted and at times poignant, offers real insights into the world of sex workers, especially Sacred Intimates like myself, that helped the author through an astounding journey of personal transformation – and lots of martinis. It’s a fun read.

So what are some of the rewards that you might reasonably expect in coming to see a sex worker? Pleasure is the big one. Not just a by-product kind of pleasure that you might get in taking care of a man’s needs but a selfish kind of pleasure that you can only get by putting your own desires first and by having someone that truly wants to give you what you want and has the skills to do it. Any sex worker worth their salt should be able to do that and enjoy it. Something powerful happens when you hand over a wad of cash to a sex worker. It signifies to yourself, him, and the Universe, “THIS IS ABOUT ME AND WHAT I WANT!” That’s a good thing.

Another reward is that you might start to love your body, just as it is, a lot more. Again what a good sex worker, especially a Sacred Intimate like myself, cultivates is an appreciation for all bodies and people, no matter what their shape or size. I like to believe that I can hold just about anyone as beautiful and engage with them intimately. When you see youself and your body reflected in that magic mirror of another’s positive regard there is a natural healing and affirmation of your own inherent beauty.

I’ve worked with many women. In fact they tend to be my most loyal clients. I’ve seen how their lives have changed for the better. So if you’re thinking of calling me, I’d say take the plunge.

If you want to get a feel for what I am like in person, I’d recommend coming to one of my upcoming erotic massage live demonstration seminars. Or be bold and just call me up (604-618-3381) and book a session.

My current classes are listed here.

Please sign up in advance online or by calling the Art of Loving at 1-888-294-1821. Sometimes these classes get cancelled if not enough people register.

I always enjoy your comments.

I See The Beauty in You,

Ki Bournes

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